bank alriyadh

Bank alriyadh

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bank alriyadh

It is the policy of Saudi Lebanese Tarouk Contracting Company Limited to be totally committed to quality fit for the purpose and to design, construct, operate and maintain various projects at a quality level that will meet or exceed contract requirements.

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NAFA has assets of over 300 million Saudi Riyals.

The NAFA group is financially backed with additional bank facilities, as needed from time to time.

NAFA conducts its financial business mainly through the Saudi American Bank, the Riyadh Bank, the Arab National Bank and The Saudi Investment Bank. Additionally, it has strong financial relationships with banks in Europe and the United States (Barclay's Bank, Citibank, Bank of America and Credit Lyonnais).

NAFA's Financial References in Saudi Arabia:

    Saudi American Bank Head Office Airport Road P.O. Box No.17383, Riyadh 11484,  Tel No. 477-4770,  Fax No. 477-4770 xtn. 1200,  Tlx No. 405861 SAMBA SJ

    Arab National Bank Head Office P.O. Box No. 56921, Riyadh 11564,  Tel No. 402 9828,   Fax No. 402 9220,  Tlx No. 407916 ARNA SJ

     Saudi Investment Bank Head Office P.O. Box No. 3533, Riyadh 11481,   Tel No. 477 8433,   Fax No. 477 6781,  Tlx No. 401170 SIB SJ

    Riyadh Bank Al-Takhassosy Branch P.O. Box No. 60581, Riyadh 11555,   Tel No. 488 0484,  Fax No. 482 9602

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